Writing often and not thinking too much about it

Left to right: Maria Jose Molfino, Brit Morin, Julie Zhuo, Leila Janah

I was one of the only three men in the audience of the latest “Women in Design” event in San Francisco organized with Designer Fund. I always need more great women speakers in Leade.rs. I heard many great women there.

Julie Zhuo made an interesting point on how she became a very popular writer (note that I don’t use blogger :-) ) on Medium.

Julie reminded us the obvious: write often, do not think too much about it. Just write. And press the publish button.

That’s what I’m exactly doing right now. Taking just a small idea that caught my mind and write about it. I am not trying to make it a smart post. I am not trying to make it high quality. I am just trying to express an idea, write about it quickly and do it more often.

Every day we have those ideas. They can come from something we notice, we learn, a conversation with a friend… They can be about anything. Just grab one and write about it, press publish, and think about the next one tomorrow.

The reason why I often don’t write enough is because I forget about writing or I think I won’t write something interesting enough so I don’t write. It’s very easy to fix.

The benefits of sharing online in different forms are huge. I just made a great investment because I wrote about an idea I had as I woke up on a Sunday a few weeks ago. It would have never happened otherwise.

Thanks Julie for the reminder to write more and think less about it.

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