Will You Pay $25k To live 25 Years More?

It’s only $1k per year of additional life.

The first Genome was Sequenced in 1995 by J. Craig Venter. Sequencing a human genome cost $100M in 2001, now it costs $1000. Peter Diamandis invited me to hear Craig talk at Singularity University and I was impressed.

Craig’s “startup”, Human Longevity has sequenced 20,000 full human genomes to date and is scaling up to a capacity of over 100,000 human genomes by 2016 and 1 million genomes by 2020.

They put you in all kinds of testing and analysis for a day or two and promise to create “unmatched bioinformatics and machine learning” of… .you.

Craig Venter says Human Longevity can create customized drugs, individual drugs and personalized vaccine based on you own specific genome and analysis to fight cancer and other diseases.

In the U.S. between the age of 50 and 74 yrs, your risk of death is 30% (yes, 1/3 of male between 50–74 will die) from these:

So, to avoid this, they give you every possible test scan, biometrics and I have no idea what for a day or two:

Basically you’re going to get the most incredible analysis of everything in your body that is available today, and that stuff isn’t cheap, it’s $25k

Obviously, I have no idea what I’m talking about. But it sounds cool. They analyze your body in every possible way available today. Then they recreate computer generated pictures of your body parts, like your heart.

and then they create a 3D avatar of you on an iPad that tells you absolutely everything about… you.

I was one of the first users of 23 and me many years ago, that sounds like 23 and me on steroids. To be honest it was cool to look into the 23 and me results but I did not do much with them. A lot of controversy followed. Science probably evolved a ton since then.

The most impressive part of the presentation was how they seem to be able to predict someone’s face only from sequencing the genome:

Honestly, that’s super impressive. They seem to be able to predict voice the same way.

So anyway, I will remember only one thing. You can potentially increase your life expectancy by 30 years (I rounded to 25) scanning yourself in their program because you might have personalized drugs based on your own body scans.

I’m very excited and in touch with them to potentially be one of the first to go through their program, I will keep you updated. Would you do it?

The bad news is that if you scan yourself in every possible way you will obviously find some bad news and then live the rest of your life with that “potential cancer that could happen” and will feel like doing something about it… Thoughts?

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