Who are you writing for? Quantity or Quality?

Some people really want a big audience. It shows in everything they do.

They’re good at it they engage an audience of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands each time they post a note, an instagram or a video. I guess they want to sell their books or their consulting or whatever else. I won’t name them, some of them are friends and I follow them as I’m curious. But then I see “follow the putmyfirstnamehere-nation”. The xxxx-nation? What nation? There is no nation. If I meet that person he or she won’t call me the xxxxx-nation member.

I have fallen into that trap many times. Here is me with a celebrity (sure I will post that photo of me kite-surfing with Richard Branson again, can’t resist). Here is me with another celebrity. Here is me talking about saving the world stuff in a very exclusive place. That’s very tempting. It makes you feel good. And I will fall into that trap again, it’s okay, it just made me feel good. I apologize for being weak, I’m a human being. I’m learning from my mistakes.

I love writing. I try to write as often as I can longer form posts. It’s not always easy because it takes time.

The easy way is to decide to write for the lowest common denominator. It’s about deciding to write for quantity and get as many people as possible to read or follow you. You can even try following everyone on Twitter and get more following than followers. There are a lot of tricks to increase your following. The web is full of those tricks. It’s not that difficult.

I want to write the same way as if we were having dinner together. I want to write as the real me. I don’t want to write to make you feel better as many talented motivational speakers do. I don’t want to write to get more followers or make myself look more important. Sometimes I do and feel free to call me on it, as I said I’m a human being, I’m not always strong.

Thinking about who I write for really helps. I want to write for my best friends even if they don’t read it. That’s what I would tell them. Quality over quantity. It’s great if quantity comes, too. Maybe you can sell some books. But who cares. I’m not writing a book.

I would write for my 10 best friends and if others like it too, cool. If not, that’s okay, I don’t want an audience. I want to connect with great people and that doesn’t mean successful. Just great people.

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