Who are the best Blockchain speakers?

Who are the best Blockchain speakers?

Finding the best speakers is always difficult. This week I have been working on a product we have used in the past that we call “Call for speakers”. This product helps event organizers find the best speakers by topic, crowdsourced by their communities.

I would be really grateful if you could recommend and/or upvote a few Blockchain / Crypto speakers it only takes a minute.

All recommended Blockchain speakers are public and updated live with your contributions so Everyone can benefit from the results.

This “Call for speaker product” is a work in progress so please email me any ideas or suggestions if you like. Everyone will be able to use it for their events when we finish it.

We are building a contributor profile page so everyone can see who you recommended, and it should be ready next week.

Many of you have started following our “Leader of the day” on Instagram where we are publishing an inspiring speaker every day. Since it’s getting some traction we have started a separate email newsletter that provides a bit more info about the speaker. If you want to receive that daily ‘Leader of the day’ (no spam!) newsletter in your email box register here.


-My ex-wife Geraldine Le Meur launched her first book, “Comme elles, entreprenez votre vie!”. Congrats!

-My friend Reid Hoffman co-founder of LinkedIn also launched his new book “Blitzscaling”. Excited to read it.

Oh, and I started Kundalini Yoga again. When I recently went through hard times it really helped me relax and feel much better. It is very different than most yoga classes as it focuses on breathing and moving energy. I love integrating these practices with my daily meditation to keep my mind clear (read my previous post How meditation changed my life).

Thanks for reading me, have a great week and excited to see your recommendations for blockchain speakers…

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