Morning notes

What’s difficult about writing is… to start writing

I have always enjoyed writing. I launched this newsletter promising a newsletter every week and it’s really been every two weeks in average.

I am trying to understand why I actually don’t write as often as I should.

The pressure of quality.

When I started writing this newsletter I had no subscribers then it started growing. I would write free of much pressure. Now it’s about 13,000 reading it. When I write I think too much about how many people read it and I get a significant pressure. I have decided to not care about this again and write more often.

I forget about it.

It’s really easy to be caught on something else like… building a startup. I have to take the time. I have to think about it. It’s not so natural.

I have nothing to say.

This is rare. I honestly very rarely have nothing to say. It’s more that I have too much to say but not enough smart things to say. Or not enough things I think are smart enough to be worth an intrusion in your inbox.

I don’t write down a simple idea to share.

I get ideas all day long and often think “this could be a newsletter”. Then I lose them. I am trying to write immediately the idea each time it comes so I can come back to it.

I don’t feel like writing.

That’s often. I could be paragliding instead, for example. I don’t know why my brain makes it feel so difficult sometimes. Then I see what Seth Godin does. He writes a few lines every day on his blog that turns into a newsletter. A very inspiring idea can be expressed in just a few lines.

Here is a tip to write more.

I have been doing morning pages regularly for a few years. The way I write them is a direct flow of ideas coming to my mind. I write them without any criteria of quality, they just get recorded as they show up. It’s a great exercise and often gives me ideas to write about later. I would say it’s the best way to find a good idea to write about. Just write whatever comes to your mind then read it again, there is likely an idea “worth sharing” in it.

What do you think I should write about? Hit reply and tell me.

I will write about it in the next newsletters.

P.S. We have two upcoming events in San Francisco, one on “Reinventing Health” on October 4th and the second on “Mindfulness and meditation” on November 4th in case you are interested.

Why not start writing more yourself too?


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