It can take years to get it from someone and a few seconds to destroy.

It’s so easy to promise something to someone. Like “I forgot my business cards but will send you an email” or “I will connect you to him”. Then you don’t do it. It seems like it’s not a big deal. You’re busy, you have no time. Problem is, it actually is a big deal. Trust is easy to break, even with small things.

It’s so easy to use an information a friend told you insisting that “you should keep it for yourself”. Sure, I won’t tell anyone.

Even more easy to disguise what you hear as “a friend told me” and you don’t mention that friend who trusted you name. Sadly, it’s most of the time easy to recoup who it is and you know that, yet you don’t care.

It might sound easy but it’s really tough to not promise little things that you will probably never deliver. “I will come back to you”. “I will call you back”. “Sure, I will do that”. Then you never do.

I’m not talking about the obvious big betrayal here, just the small little things that happen every day.

When trust is gone, no matter how many years it took to get it, it’s gone forever. Yes, forever. It will never be the same again. That person will always remember even if he/she says otherwise, trust never comes back.

How do you know you trust someone? Try. Tell them something very intimate. See what happens. I just felt betrayed recently and will never consider that person a friend ever again.

I have friends that I trust 1000%. I can tell them anything. They will never tell anyone about it. It took many years to get to that point. Many secrets we shared together that were never told. Only one gets out and it’s all gone.

I’m not pointing fingers, just observing. I learned about this the hard way too. I’m trying to get better at it, trying to be perfect, it’s tough sometimes, as you want to be nice.

How come so many smart and successful people promise things they know they will never deliver as there were no consequences?

Why so many businesses succeed while telling lies in all their advertising? Think about tobacco companies. They promote freedom while selling death.

It can take a second online to lose the trust of a friend. Share something intimate someone shared, it might go viral and make you look good but kiss good bye to that friend. Or not viral. It does not matter.

Trust might be one of the most important and easy to lose connection we have to our friends and potential friends.

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