The idea I’m working on:

You might have read this if you follow my newsletter but it’s important for me so I wanted to publish this one here too. I’m writing from Gothenburg, Sweden at the Nobel Week Dialogue. I’m here because my passion is people.

I love finding new, interesting people doing amazing things. So I want a tagline, something like “People doing great stuff”, “Great people doing extraordinary things.” Any ideas? Add them to this Facebook post.

Look at all the lists of great people that exist:

-the Nobel Prize,

-the Forbes top 30 under 30,

-the Young Global Leaders,

-LinkedIn Influencers,

-TED Speakers,

-Tech Pioneers of the World Economic Forum, and so many others, including the kind of old school Who’s Who.

Finding top people in each sector seems important in many ways.

Even more important is discovering new talent, the leaders of tomorrow. Who are the most important rising stars on different themes such as Bitcoin, Internet of Things, Future of Health? Who are the most influential new leaders in the Middle East? And forget “Who are the top women entrepreneurs?” because we all know they are within all these categories and not a separate one :)

I am building an app and a website where you discover the top people doing amazing things in their field right now. wants to answer for example the questions “Who made the news in tech today?”, “Who are the most incredible designers of 2015?” or “Who are the next upcoming rising politicians in the U.K.”, “Who are the top entrepreneurs in Sweden” etc.

As you can see it’s pretty broad and I want to start focusing on technology first, obviously.

Who will decide who’s in it?

My dream is to have it crowdsourced and not centralized. I hope a network of “curators” will join me discovering new leaders and creating collections of them on key topics and expertise. We need to make sure these curators are diverse. It can’t be just a group of old white guys determining who the leaders are. No one group has all the answers.

Why should that person speak at TED or Davos? Why should we care about that person’s work? What notable work has he/she done recently or even today? This week? This quarter, this year?

It’s about what they do now, not how much money they made or what family they’re from or anything like that.

My two immediate challenges will be to find a community of great curators who want to participate in and at the same time make sure that the standards of quality of who gets added are high.

See for example I’m looking for women to speak about the future of dating at the Further Future festival I’m helping curate. I asked on Facebook and on Twitter and got amazing recommendations. I would like to be the place where anyone can go and find those amazing women and find great conversations about their work.

We have started building the website and hope to share something with you in a few weeks. It will be very simple as we are a small team of 2.1 :-) and want to test the idea.

We will adapt the site to the feedback we get from the early adopters. I hope you will try it.

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