TED Summit speakers obsessed by their own death

Greetings from TED Summit in beautiful Banff, Canada. TED Summit has been a great experience so far with a refreshing mix of hundreds of TED X organizers (very different crowd than TED Vancouver), top TED Speakers and people like me who have gone to TED for years. I think I’ve been to 13 TEDs in a row.

As always, I took many notes while I was listening to the TED talks. I woke up with a thought that I did not write down though. It’s interesting how my brain noticed during the night and during my morning meditation, something it had not noticed as I was “awake.”

TED Summit speakers talked about their own death all the time.

I’m speaking from memory here, not from my notes, so apologies if I don’t quote the speakers names.

“Prepare to die today.”

This speaker added to his calendar every single morning of his life, at 8 am I think, a reminder that he will die today and should prepare for it.

What would those who died at the Istanbul airport a few days ago done if they had known? Likely cancel that flight. What would you do if knew you would die today? Call family and best friends? Try to see them? Review what they would have to manage if you disappeared and what you’ve done to make it easy for them? Practice your passion a last time? Yeah I would probably rush to go paragliding and hydrofoiling a last time. Definitely. I feel so happy when I’m flying by myself outside surrounded by eagles, dolphins and whales in Pacifica.

“You’re going to die in 5 years”.

This speaker has a big health issue due to the crappy food he ate all his life. He explained his parents mostly fed him bad fast-food horrible junk, as “that’s all they could afford.” As he aged he realized it was so bad for him that he might only have 5 years left to live.

He decided to fix the issue and make his 5-year goal to leave to the world affordable healthy food. He’s working with scientists to create non fat plant based food that feels like fat based animal food. It’s like a steak or like cheese. Except it’s all plant based and scientifically prepared to make sure you will live longer. And it tastes “almost the same”. There are a number of startups working in the future of food space and it’s fascinating. I had vegan cheese once and wasn’t impressed, but it’s the beginning and well, I’m French.

Amazing how both speakers and participants are obsessed with health. About ten friends here told me I should stop eating big steaks all the time (as I was enjoying a prime-rib in front of them) or I will die early. Another friend told me he was getting 15 pills a day to get to his body the necessary supplements traditional food would not provide, even healthy vegan food.

“I just died and how I recovered from it.”

Isaac Lidsky discovered one day he was becoming blind. He completely lost his vision. He thought it was his death. He would not be able to do the things he loved and see his family and friends ever again.

He chose to face his fears and step out of them. Isaac explained that what we see with our eyes is a personal virtual reality created by our brains. What you see, isn’t what I see. Your brain’s perception is altered by your feelings. If you carry a heavy backpack you feel much further from where you’re trying to go. It’s a reality your brain engineers and is highly affected by your fears.

Your fears distort your reality. Fear replaces the unknown by the awful. Hold yourself accountable for every minute of your life. Correct your misconception of your own life. Your fears are your excuses. They are fictions you chose as reality. You are the creator of your own reality.

Beyond fears and the fear of death. Inspiring. Have a good day and make every minute count!

I just published a live video with more thoughts on fears and death. We’re hosting our third Learn with leaders event on VR in San Francisco on July 11th we just announced our 4 first speakers. Get a ticket.

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