Speaker of the day: Salim Ismail

I just talked to another fantastic speaker, Salim Ismail. Continuing my series #speakeroftheday

Salim is a very well known speaker who gets more speaking requests he can deliver.

He mostly speaks to large corporates about how they can transform themselves fast.

There are a lot of buzzwords in that space, the most common seem to be “digital transformation, “ and there are even new titles created such as “chief innovation officer” or “chief digital officer.” More than #digitaltransformation Salim talks about how to turn an organization into an “exponential organization.”

With his consulting group EXO he coaches large groups to find the new leaders in their organization and empower them to change fast.

The talk Salim is the proudest of is “Exponential Organizations” at USI. It’s worth watching.

If you watch this video, you will see what makes Salim successful. Salim has great expertise in explaining in simple words how technology is transforming the world. Large corporations management love those talks, they get inspired and practical ideas for their teams. Salim also adds humor everywhere he can in his talks.

Corporate speakers around technology and “digital transformation” are in high demand. What are the other speakers you would recommend in that category?

tags for Salim: corporate, inspirational, future, technology, digitaltransformation

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