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Silicon Valley Unicorns vs the World? We’ve already seen that movie.

If you haven’t read Reconsider by DHH, go read it now, it definitely got me thinking about why I’m starting something new. Then there is this guy operating 10 businesses while sailing around the World with his family (all of which I learned about on Medium btw, congrats Ev Williams and team Medium).

  • fast growth and no profits versus breakeven and slow growth
  • “change the World” and ambitious versus just trying to make your customers happy
  • raise angel funding then VC funding then go public versus the founder(s) own everything and avoid having too many parties having any equity
  • do not monetize for years to get big (Facebook) versus generate revenue quickly
  • disrupt, dominate, capture customers, be the leader versus well, build a honest business where you get a fee for a good product or service
  • aim at a liquidity event so all investors and shareholders can make money versus just grow and even why not distribute dividends
  • success is becoming the next Uber, be worth $50 billion or more, public and changing the World versus well, simple, honest work.
  • exciting versus boring (in DHH’s own words)
  • “change the World” versus “work for yourself and free”

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