See Richard Branson’s Necker Island in 360

Here is an incredible 360 video of kite-surfing in Necker Island this week.

It was made by the team behind Giroptic, a very cool new French “gopro” like camera that the founders mounted on our boards and lines. You can turn around me on my hydrofoil in it :)

The result is very impressive, you can really feel like you’re there and explore all directions. What makes this camera special is video compression is made real time by the built-in hardware. No need to manipulate the 3 files made by the camera and merge and edit them and wait for hours. It’s right there ready to upload on compatible websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

I need an Oculus to see it immersed in 360, can’t wait.

Congratulations to the French team at Giroptic for this amazing technology and video.

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