Really liking my iPhone 7+ after a few hours using it

Just got my new iPhone 7+. At the beginning I was honestly wondering why I changed from my 6s as honestly it really looks the same.

After a few hours using it, the battery seems to last much longer than the 6s. The camera is much better especially at low light. Like a huge difference. I also like the 2x optical zoom. Too bad apps don’t seem to being able to use it yet? Instagram doesn’t show the “2x” button.

Most importantly it feels much much faster than the previous one.

I do a lot of Facebook live recordings so having to think about the microphone adapter is a pain. I will have to order a few of those as I will lose a few of them for sure. It’s still worth upgrading so far.

When I change phones I don’t use a backup I reinstall everything from scratch, you can see my essential apps on my home screen above.

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