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We’re throwing a small event in San Francisco on June 6 from 6 to 9pm: “Learn from Leaders.” We’ll cover what it takes to be a leader on stage, in the boardroom and in your community. Here is theFacebook event page and where you can get a ticket.

I’m starting something new and like any other entrepreneur I sometimes wake up and wonder if it’s the right use of my time. Am I focusing on the right thing? Does it make sense? Is it improving the world? Why bother?

I always answer yes to those questions, so I keep going.

I want to discover new amazing people, feature them and help them impact the world.

Why? Because those up-and-coming entrepreneurs, authors, scientists are the ones that can change the world. Helping them can only make things better. You can help a large number of people (great) or you can help the few that will have the greatest potential impact.

I don’t mean “the few” as in “the happy few,” but rather those that have the most energy and dedication to change things.

It’s a beautiful purpose. That’s why I wake up every morning anxious to work on making a success. It’s a mission.

Please remind me when I doubt myself. It happens.

What’s your mission?

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