In the Airbus A380 cockpit — SFO>Paris Air France en route, that was something!

Paragliding with the world champion and what I’m telling students who want to start a business

Greetings from Switzerland. Valery Heritier invited me to keynote his new event Silicon Valais at his university.

I could not refuse his offer as it came with a few days paragliding with a local paragliding expert Laurent Borella and the paragliding World Champion Chrigel Maurer.

Watch the kind of paragliding Chrigel does:

I simply could not refuse, especially as I only took 10 days off this entire summer. A few days off in the Alpes is going to be amazing.

So, I’m going to speak to 300 computer science students and other guests about what it is to be an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and give them some advice.

I will comment on what happened in the last ten years then talk about some of the latest trends I follow:
Future of Health
Future of Food
Meditation and mindfulness
Automation and self driving
A good occasion to revisit my post “My life in 2030” which is quite old now

Most important, I will share some entrepreneurship advice
build in the open and not in secret
what I learned using social networks
10 ways you can start your own business
my best mistake: building in someone else’s yard

A few words to the students
-don’t wait for a revolutionary idea, starting something is more important.
-work long term, not short term.
-every business connection matters. Build trust. Be reliable.

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