my Facebook live setup and gear

There is a number of people asking for my setup for my Facebook live videos so here is the gear I use

We recorded a FB live about the setup

from my phone:

my iPhone and the Facebook Mentions app

Two iPhone microphones Rode

To connect two microphones iPhone jack splitter

more and more with the MEVO cam designed for Facebook live it’s amazing, I still generally use the microphone plugged on my iPhone

A Manfrotto mini tripod with a smartphone holder mount

from my office

Wirecast for screen capturing of desktop and iphone etc

same microphones plugged on the iMac

for video capture: sometimes a Sony a7rII just experimenting now with a Sony HDR CX-455 connected to the iMac with an Ultrastudio Mini Recorder(just the mini!) from Blackmagicdesign

maybe one day a Barber tech teleprompter for iPad to see my comments

thanks, all for your suggestions.

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