Meeting Pope Francis and more amazing leaders

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Crazy last days. I got invited to join an advisory board to help Pope Francis and the Vatican. Thanks, Maurizo Rossi and Massimo Redaelli for inviting me. Like any organization, the Catholic Church wants to be at the top of the game using social networks, virtual reality and other technologies. Pope Francis wants to reform much more than how the Church communicates. Can’t say more as it was mostly off the record but I recorded a Facebook live from the Vatican with a few interviews of the group and another one with some of my thoughts meeting the Pope.

I told Pope Francis in French “good luck to save the World”. He answered “pray for me”, took my hands with his two hands.

Lifetime memory right there.

My whole body still feels how special this was.

The Vatican

From moderating a panel at Further Future to a panel on the refugee crisis with the team of Pope Francis, that was something.

I will continue helping him and his team. I don’t regularly practice any religion. Though I am leaning more towards buddhism these days. ​The Pope and his team want to be open to​ everyone. Many religions and horizons were represented.

The group forming the advisory board was fantastic. I spent a fascinating hour talking to Pamela Golbin who just wrote Couture Confessions. Pamela is the chief curator of the Musée de la Mode et du Textile in the Palais du Louvre. Among other topics, Pamela talks about the creation process in Fashion and how technology slowly changes her world.

I was so impressed that I invited Pamela to speak at our second event in Paris April 11–12 (ask there for an invite if you want to join).

Here are our first speakers announced covering virtual reality, Internet of Things, the collaborative economy, chat-bots and the future of human reproduction. More coming soon.

I will be two full weeks in Paris from January 9 to 20.

We are going to throw a small event in Paris on January 18th from 18h to 20h30 with the same format as our San Francisco events (we just had a great one on Mindfulness see the writeup).

The theme will be the best new entrepreneurs in France, please add below ideas of who I should invite to speak!

Who are the best new and amazing entrepreneurs in France these days? Recommend who should speak here.


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