Trying my Muse headband with a nice sunset over SF

Measuring Brainwaves while Meditating with Muse

I have been meditating for about two years pretty much every day and always curious about what’s happening in my brain and how meditation affects how it works. Meditation is simple and you definitely don’t need anything but if you’re curious, here is an interesting product.

I just got a Muse from Interaxon, I have known the founder Ariel Garten for many years as she spoke a few times at LeWeb. Ariel repositioned the product as a meditation device, which is very smart as many people get into meditation.

Muse records your brain waves as you meditate and tells you what percentage of the time you were calm as you can see here on this 5 minutes only session.

my meditation with the brainwave real time feedback on

Muse gives you a live feedback on how calm your brain gets and if you get distracted by reading your brainwaves then playing a sound that changes with what you are thinking about.

It seems accurate, during this session I started thinking about something else than focusing on my brain 4–5 times and it was recorded. They used the weather “sounds” as an image: if you’re calm there is no sound and a bird sings sometimes, if you get neutral there is some wind and if you’re active you hear thunderstorms and heavy rain, it’s smart. When you get calm again the bad weather goes away and you hear the birds.

I get much less calm without the real time feedback (no sound)

I tested on a longer 30 minutes session and without any feedback (sound off) to see if I noticed a difference, I was also much less focused. It’s easy to get distracted often on a 30 minutes session, you tend to day dream. I was also much less determined to just think about my breath as in the first case (which is easy for 5 minutes, much less for 30 anyway).

The difference is obvious and demonstrates how the product is efficient, I was much less calm.

One area of improvement is that the app seems to be designed with a focus on beginner meditators who meditate a few minutes every day as the sounds get a little annoying for me during long meditation sessions. I talked to their team and they are definitely working on that and also recommended I tweaked the settings to make the sounds less intrusive, which I will try next. They’re also pushing regular apps and software update for the hardware itself.

Ariel and the team have a good product here and have done some research on how your brain is able to focus much more and get calm faster as you use it for some time, I will write more as I see progress myself.

I have no financial interest in this, but noticed there was a code for friends, if you want to order one, get $30 off with the code LOIC

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