Last chance to buy tickets to Paris [program announced]

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We can’t believe it but Paris is only two weeks away!

We’ve just announced our program — with workshops, office hours and talks from some amazing speakers like the first Chief Data Scientist of United States, DJ Patil, the woman replicating people via her chatbot startup, Eugenia Kuyda, and a CEO, Ross Bailey, who launched his successful retail startup after Buckingham Palace shut down his pop-up shop for selling Queen Elizabeth merchandise. Check out all of our speakers here and make sure you buy your ticket soon!

Registration for our workshops opens next week but you’ll need to buy your ticket beforehand! Here’s a peek at just a few of our workshops…

Going Viral:
Learn from the best: viral video expert, Karen X. Cheng. Her videos have over 100 million views. She makes highly shareable commercials and viral videos.

Build a thriving community behind your business:
Join community expert David Spinks of CMX Media for a step by step guide to building a successful community.

Pitch like you’re from New Jersey
Tom McLeod, CEO and Founder of Omni, has pitched business to over 100 VCs and angel investors in the US, and in so doing has won the interest of dozens of firms, built lasting relationships with key decision makers, and — most importantly — raised over $14MM (while strategically declining millions more) for his current company.

We’re really excited to be partnering with some amazing brands, startups and talented people to make Paris valuable for attendees, full of surprises and completely unforgettable.


Trust us, they won’t last :-)

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