Is Peach a SnapChat for older people?

Difficult to ignore Peach, a new social network. There was a ton of chatter about Peach on Product Hunt and also a ton of press. Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann created it which is a first reason to pay attention.

The on boarding and design are really nice. It’s beautiful. It innovates with “magic words” which turn into something cool you share with friends. If you type “move” it posts your motion tracking stats like number of steps. “Battery” will post your current charge percentage. Magic words are cool and fun but I don’t really see it as a key differentiator to Facebook.

The real question is do we really need another social network competing for our time on Facebook? Peach seems to be aiming at communications with your small circle of close friends. Path tried that one before.

I use iMessage, Facebook messenger and texts to communicate with my closest friends and family, I do not need another app that kinda looks the same as iMessage to communicate with them. I also need to get them on it which is not easy. I invited my teenagers on it and they haven’t even bothered trying.

It gets obvious inspiration from Snapchat. There is no public or merged feed, you have to go friend by friend to see what they posted. There isn’t either any number of followers or likes. I wrote about how Snapchat got people to post more precisely because they had no pressure of how many people or likes they would get.

iMessage and Facebook Messengers aren’t about telling your friends what’s happening (a feed of your life, the “stories” on Snapchat) so that’s obviously what Peach is trying to create and compete with Snapchat on.

It feels to me like a SnapChat for older people. Same idea as SnapChat stories but in a simpler, iMessage like interface, more likely to please grown-ups.

I am impressed entrepreneurs still try to launch new social networks when so many failed at competing with Facebook (including Google with Google+). I will keep playing with it for a while. The real question is if my network of friends will really use it and there isn’t any evidence of that for now. It’s very early days, time will tell. Worth trying and keeping an eye on Peach, congrats to the team for a very beautiful and sleek app.

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