Minister Emmanuel Macron in Davos this morning

In Davos Macron promotes France as a Nation of entrepreneurs — against the current Government

I have been to 15 Davos in a row and the presence of France has traditionally been weak. The World Economic Forum is a place where french politicians don’t show up as they fear to be seen as too friendly with the rich elite.

Prime Minister Valls and Minister of Foreign affairs Fabius held a reception to attract foreign investors yesterday night in Davos. Macron was there but not allowed to give a talk after his colleagues, very surprising. Not much to be said about his colleagues speech. Fabius saying France is great doesn’t really make much difference.

This was a great opportunity for Macron to organize his own separate press conference the next day, packed with international journalists. As Macron embodies the French modernity he is more and more isolated.

“Most often it’s more difficult to be an entrepreneur than an employee”.

Most of the press conference was around facilitating entrepreneurship in France.

Macron wants to increase flexibility of work, reduce the cost of failure for entrepreneurs and provide more opportunities for the French to become entrepreneurs. He insisted that low skilled people should also be able to start their business.

“It is often easier for a low skilled employee to find a customer than a job. An entrepreneur has most of the time started from scratch, risked his family life and all his assets. Entrepreneurs work day and night. They start your hair salon or favorite restaurant. No offense to large corporations or public sector employees but France needs to simplify and promote entrepreneurship.”

9 years ago when he was campaigning for French President, Sarkozy gave a memorable speech “I want a nation of entrepreneurs” but did not do much after. That speech made me decide to support him and I was really disappointed.

Macron really seems to want to change France and make entrepreneurship easier. With little support. The President and the rest of the Government don’t have the balls to change what glues France in the past: no work flexibility especially in a downturn when you need to let go employees, ridiculous 35 hours maximum working time per week law and generally making the entrepreneur life easier reducing tax and legal complexity.

If I heard well Macron announced the 35 hours a week law was going to disappear entirely. Good. How can we promote working less as a goal for a nation and expect to succeed?

I’m very happy Macron tries to really change France and understands the change will come from entrepreneurs and really disappointed he doesn’t get enough support from the President and PM.

The French want to change and are ready for it. Outside of France there is also real support for Macron so it will be really difficult for the current government to exclude him.

I like Macron and I’m happy to help if I can. My only concern is the capacity of politicians in general to make noise but not deliver on their promises. Time will tell but for now I’m impressed and will support him if I can.

France needs to become more entrepreneurial and more politicians who get it. Go Macron.

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