I’m not building a billion dollar company

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I had a meeting with some great potential investors a few weeks ago and what they said is still on my mind. I started explaining Leade.rs my new startup.

“This isn’t a billion dollar company” — they said, looking as excited as a kid forced to eat veggies while what he really wants is french fries.

Who told you I am trying to build a billion dollar company? Do I have to feel ashamed now if I am only trying to build a great business? Wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg trying to build a dating site for Harvard and Stewart Butterfield a game that failed, at the beginning of Facebook and Slack?

“Start a business, not a startup” says the now old but excellent book “REWORK” by Jason Fried. I am not trying to build a billion dollar company. I am just trying to build a great business with great growth potential. It needs initial investment because it will run on software that we need to build and improve daily. I want to be break-even though, as fast as possible. I am actually not meeting investors anymore and our seed investment is closed.

We’re making great progress, I gave a preview of our upcoming app to find new speakers on Facebook Live today (I generally do a live video on Facebook.com/loic every day at 11h30am PST). We have thrown two events over the past two months, one in Paris and one in San Francisco.

Our next event on VR will on be on July 11th from 6 to 9pm in San Francisco. I hope you can join us, it’s only $30 if you get a ticket fast. We did a dedicated video with our co-host Robert Scoble.

We received nearly 300 speaker recommendations (thanks!). All of them have been curated and loaded into our application and we should be able to share the list with all of you soon. Throwing events is a great way for us to build the speakers-event marketplace serving our own needs initially.
I’m really excited.

Keep rocking,


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