I want you at my conference in Paris, not Zuck

Fred Mazzella, Blablacar

One of the things that always bothered me about conferences is that they often represent the old guard.

The establishment. The people that have held power and influence in tech for quite some time.

With Leade.rs, we’re trying to do the opposite. It’s not about featuring Mark Zuckerberg, it’s about finding the future Zuck. The one who’s still working in his (or her) garage, day and night.

Maybe that’s you.

I want you at my conference in Paris April 11–12. I want the newbies, the hustlers, the as-yet-unknowns.

And here’s what I’ll do for you: first off, we’re cheap. It’s invite only because I want the people who write the future. But those people are often not rich. So our tickets start at 100 Euros for students. 300 Euros for entrepreneurs, and 500 for everyone else. For a two-day conference packed with the very best talent from around the world.

Second, we’re global. We have startups and investors from more than 50 countries coming to Paris.

Third, we’ll help you. Learn from the very best at funding (Gil Penchina, angel in thousands of startups in Silicon Valley), scaling (Jamie Siminoff, about to take Ring public after only 3 years and about 1,000 employees), and social impact (Fred Mazzella built a unicorn, BlaBlaCar, by focusing on social impact over money).

We will have workshops on all the key topics you need to know to find an idea and start a business. Office hours with all our speakers.

We will cover the latest trends in Silicon Valley
-Artificial Intelligence
-Virtual reality
-The future of human longevity and health
-Internet of things

We will have new leade.rs from the corporate world and a digital brands stage.

See Leade.rs for the full lineup. Here is a new video with our speakers. We’re constantly adding new amazing new talent to it.

I hope you’ll join us. We made it invite-only to make sure we had the right people in the room.

Here’s an invite for you, because you’re already part of the community.

Reply to this email if you’d like to help me with content. Thank you!


P.S. I love Zuck and he’s a friend.

Entrepreneur, pilot, kite-surfer and paraglider. Subscribe to my new newsletter http://loiclemeur.substack.com

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