just passed 10,000 subscribers

I thought email was dead and I got 10,000 subscribers

I hated newsletters. Why? Because people keep adding me without my permission. I spent too much of my time trying to unsubscribe to crap I never asked to receive.

I thought blogs and social networks would kill email. They obviously didn’t. I still spend a huge amount of time in my emails.

I always liked sharing how I build things and get feedback, not sure why I decided to do it by email but on Nov 23, 2015 I decided to start a newsletter sharing my progress on my new startup Leade.rs.

I had two main motivations, make myself accountable by having to report weekly on my own progress and then create a community of friends who want to help me and would check out my app once I have it. I was inspired by Product Hunt and Ryan Hoover telling the story how he built it from an email experiment.

I did not manually add anyone to the list. I did not import my address book or LinkedIn contacts. I did not use any existing list. I just hate when people do that to me so why would I do it to them? I just posted about it on social networks. I also added at the end of each of my blog posts that readers could register if they found that post interesting.

About 3 months later I have about 10,000 subscribers from 100+ countries, I had no idea I would get so many so fast if at all. I actually wonder how that happened. I get between 50 and 60% open rate in average per newsletter (might not last!). More importantly I realize every day very good friends and/or important people in my life read it as they tell me about it.

I try to write honestly as if I were telling a friend about it. I try to not promote but tell things as they happen. I also share difficult things and questions I don’t have answers to. I ask regularly for feedback and get hundreds of emails back.

The benefits are incredible.
-constant flow of suggestions and feedback on everything I do or share
-investors contacted me reading my newsletters. Both business angels and top VC firms.
-many people offer their help or offer to join the company full-time
-some journalists read it and I already got a few stories I wasn’t expecting
-competition also contacted me, which I list as positive to know my space

A few negatives.
-some people add me to their own newsletter without asking and it’s sometimes very agressive marketing which I did not want, they don’t follow the double opt-in rule.
-a ton of email volume sometimes makes me miss important emails but that’s totally manageable
-many of my emails get into the spam folder of my friends even if they want opted-in and want to read it, difficult to improve that.

I am trying to learn to get better at it.

What are the best newsletters you read? Any tips in general about newsletters? Thanks!

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