How meditation changed my life

I have been meditating for about 5 years as well as writing morning notes. I wrote about this in detail in the miracle of morning pages.

Jason Calacanis invited me to speak at his Scale conference about growth so I immediately thought “every entrepreneur worries about his business growth but how about personal growth”. Jason accepted and I started thinking about a talk on personal growth.

Meditation has helped me

-decrease my ego — I know there is still a lot of work, thanks :-)

-need fewer material things (I even lived one year with only a suitcase and all my stuff in storage, keeping that for another newsletter)

-sort out what matters in my life and what doesn’t

-decrease my addiction to being online and communicating non-stop

-generally be happier by focusing more on what I have than what I would like to have and just observing myself wanting more things all the time and hopefully… resisting.

Meditation trains your brain to observe your sensations and cravings as clouds passing in the sky.

Here is the video of my talk “How meditation and morning pages changed my life”. I feel that I have changed more in the last 5 years than anytime before in my life.

I highly recommend you experiment with it.

I use every day the app “Calm”. I highly recommend a 10 day retreat at Vipassana (that’s what I did and no excuses, it’s free) or Spirit Rock from Jack Kornfield who I’m so glad I got to meet in person a few times.

Have a great week!


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