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How I use social networks and share content

A friend just asked me to recap my use of social networks and how I share content. I realized as I was telling him that it keeps changing so here is what I’m doing these days.

My goal is to write a post every day. I fail often as it’s difficult to always have a topic in mind to write about and even more to find the time to do it, but it’s a good goal to have. I’m definitely posting 2 to 3 posts a week at least. I publish my posts to Facebook as a note, LinkedIn as a full post and Medium.

My blog
It’s been dead for years. It’s still online but I never use it as no-one would read it. If I post there the content wouldn’t spread like it does on social networks. The only possible use I see is what Fred Wilson does, send his posts to his newsletter and only use the blog as a place to store his newsletters.

That’s definitely where I spend the most time, like most people. I am having a blast with Facebook Live and try to do a short live video every single day on my page I get between 100 to 200 people watching live it might sound not much but imagine them all in one room in front of you, each time, without telling them in advance. I see it as big and it’s growing. I also get a lot of advice and interactions. Love it.

I recently moved my personal public followers to a page, I had like 250,000 that became about 120,000 as there were a lot of “ghosts” from when Facebook launched lists (lists could follow you and counted as one). I have had to “retrain the Facebook algorithm” by posting a lot there and it’s been frustrating that my friends could not see my content much but it’s improving and it reaches many more people than my personal profile already. Just less my own friends which is frustrating. Since I switched the number of likes went to 120,000 to about 150,000 in a short time which is great.

When I write a post I also write it as a Facebook note. That format looks good for posts but it seems the FB algorithm doesn’t like it too much, it doesn’t seem to receive the traction it deserves. I guess they’re working on it.

I have been very surprised by the traction I’m getting on LinkedIn. I have been featured as one of their influencers and now I have about 150,000 followers there too. It’s a very different audience than Facebook for sure. Mostly business users and it’s great as I start a new business. I love that LinkedIn tells you everything about them, who they are, their whole business profile. It also tells you individually who saw your post. I have been very impressed recently and their new mobile app is also now very good. I am spending more and more time on LinkedIn, read my comments and have good conversations there daily too. It wasn’t the case before. Their influencers program is excellent.

Medium has is the best place to write your posts as far as the online editor is concerned. It’s beautiful and very nice to use. That’s where I am writing this right now. The top entrepreneurs, authors and influencers in Silicon Valley pay a lot of attention to it. I love the design and the conversations. When you get a few recommends your story gets a very nice boost and traction. That’s how Medium beats your own blog and makes it “so last century”. I guess I have not looked into how can help me get some network effects there enough, I probably should, but Medium does it for me so well that I don’t seem to have the need. I really enjoy reading many posts on Medium not only from people I know. It’s generally really high quality.

I tweet from now and then good stories I read and share my posts to it. I read all my replies, see the retweets and the favorites. I have to admit not reading the timeline as much as I used to. I definitely read my Facebook feed much more. I can’t wait to see what Jack will do with it but I’d say I’m using it less than I used to.

I’m curious and want to use it, but I don’t really use it much. I hesitate between using it as it is meant to be, private conversations with a small group of friends and family — or using it as Gary Vaynerchuk and other personal brands have been starting to use it recently, as a social network to share to a wide audience using their stories you can set public. I am tempted to try.

My personal newsletter
Then I write a totally different content on my personal newsletter, I like to the posts I wrote. I reference my newsletter on my posts and that helps grow the subscribers. I feel my newsletter is becoming my most important connection with my community. It’s become invaluable for me. My only frustration there is that many emails end up in spam folders. I’m also trying to find great newsletters to subscribe to and get inspiration.

I don’t use Pinterest and feel like I should. I post more and more on Instagram and love it, more and more time in it these days. It’s so clean.

How do you use social networks? Anything I should look at?

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