How a startup entrepreneur thinks — greetings from Paris!

I’m having a blast. A very important year ahead for me. We’re about to open the platform to a few curators. I know, I’m too slow.

After ten years in San Francisco, I’m in Paris until January 20 to meet as many potential partners ​for my new conference on April 11–12, reconnect with many friends here and show a preview of the platform.

Our small event in Paris next week is sold out. You can follow it live on my page on Jan 18th at 18h Paris time / 9h San Francisco. Firing on all cylinders.

I love the feeling that neither me nor my team can’t do more.

Just before Christmas I got an email from Stephanie Lynch-Habib at Colt. Stephanie has been reading this newsletter, watched a few Facebook lives and learned about my platform for speaking. Stephanie invited me to give a keynote in Madrid ​to their entire executive team about “how a startup thinks”.

This is exactly why I am building Last minute needs for a speaker will be matched easily. There are thousands of great speakers who could have given a talk on that topic.

I have published the deck (slides design by my son Arthur Le Meur!):

my presentation on how entrepreneurs think

I ​have also started writing more than once a week, too. Here are two posts I have written since my previous newsletter.
-Can we have some Tokyo taxi drivers in Paris?
-2017 Prediction: Most Sunglasses Brands Will Copy Spectacles

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