(photo: Karen X Cheng who is an extraordinary speaker about viral videos and more)

Help me increase diversity among tech speakers

We had a busy summer at Leade.rs working on our platform launch coming in a few weeks. We will feature a few hundred initial leaders who agreed to participate in our launch and receive free and paid speaking offers. We want to help event organizers find amazing speakers and give leaders great speaking opportunities.

I want 50% women or more on the Leade.rs platform.

Also I will admit it, our initial group of speakers isn’t particularly diverse and we would like to change that.

Can you help me with one or more names of amazing speakers — women or people of color in technology?

We are looking for diverse technology speakers in these initial categories

Social impact
Digital transformation
Branding & Martech
Consumer Products & Retail
Digital Health
Artificial Intelligence
Moderators (anchors, panel hosts, journalists…)

It would mean a lot to me if you took one minute to point me to one or more great tech speakers.

Update we received about 500 names so stopped the form for now as we research all these awesome names. Thank you!



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