Help me find the Emerging Leaders

I’m on a mission to find the next Mark Zuckerberg.

There are many lists of new leaders. The Forbes 30 under 30, the Young Global Leaders, the TED Fellows and many others. They’re great. Why do we need yet another one?

Kickstarter made projects emerge that would have stayed in the dark and anyone can participate. It is transparent, too.

There should be a kickstarter (read: crowdsourced) for discovering new people. That is one of the products I am building.

Van Gogh, Galileo and Bach weren’t popular until they died.

We did an experiment. We asked who are the best emerging French leaders under 30. Nearly 300 Leaders were recommended. Business Insider France loved it and decided to partner with us. You can add names until April 4.

We will pick 3 male and 3 female French entrepreneurs under 30 and will close our event in Paris on April 11–12 with them on stage.

I have received much criticism that the list is ranked by number of votes. Some people asked their community to vote for them. I agree. I don’t like popularity contests either, it leads to the worst.

I wrote about it and “Black Mirror.” Why does the world run on popularity contests? Were we wired that way?

It’s definitely not perfect. It’s an experiment and I want to improve it. THere are people over 30 and not entrepreneurs or even not in France. It is still very helpful to discover many new incredible entrepreneurs.

How should we choose the top 6 that will go on stage in Paris?

Ask the 300 we nominated to vote amongst themselves? Ask the 300 nominated to take a second step and tell us how they plan to improve the world? Go one by one with a group of “experts” and decide?

Just reply to this email and tell me, I read them all.

There are amazing profiles in the list. Some of them have only one vote. They are extraordinary. Number of votes doesn’t say much for sure. It’s just one biased data point.

After this experiment in France, we will improve and try in other regions.

PS we’re almost sold-out in Paris you can still get a ticket here.

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