Having a blast on Snapchat and Facebook Live

This was my weekly newsletter for April 27, 2016. You should subscribe and all my newsletters are here if you want to read before you try. No spam, just me.

In case you have not heard about it, I do a talk on Facebook live every single day (unless something unexpected happens) at 11h30 PST/San Francisco (20h30 CET/Paris) on my page facebook.com/loic . I pick a theme, I read the comments live, take questions and get incredible advice. The core group of friends hanging out with me is on a dedicated Facebook grouphttp://loic.live that picks the topics we talk about. We talked about fears of any entrepreneur, how to optimize your newsletter or deal with competition.

Today’s topic is how to raise funding, I will share what I learned.

You can find all the past videos on my page. It’s been a great experience so far. And I gave a talk at Ignite SF tonight about it (instead of doing business outside of meeting rooms).

I finally got Snapchat. It took me a year of (not) trying a few times. It’s powerful. Instagram is about sharing great photos. Facebook is about sharing great content. Snapchat users don’t care about quality. No pressure. Just take a photo or a video and if you look like shit it doesn’t matter as it will disappear in 24hours anyway. So everyone shares a lot more crappy content. If it’s boring in addition to being crappy it’s okay, they can skip it with a finger tap. It’s pretty addictive. I turned my “story” into “anyone can see it” so it’s somehow like followers on Twitter or Likes on a Facebook page. It works. I share a lot and I consume a lot. Add me on Snapchat.

We chose a venue for the Paris event on May 13. Thank you for your patience,it’s on Avenue George V, near Champs Elysees. Can’t be more central and it’s got an outside which is cool. It’s May 13 after all, the likelihood of bad weather in Paris in May is low. The size is perfect. It can accomodate about 400 people and we have about 350 participants as I write this. Get a ticket fast using my code “LOIC” with one hundred euros off before we’re sold out.

In a previous newsletter after a good dinner and great wine with my friend Phil Libin we decided to challenge the speakers in Paris. I asked every single speaker to nominate a new talent, preferably a woman to balance the gender ratio, to speak at their session. 5 mins the existing established Leader then 5 mins the new nominated Leader and then 10 minutes conversation on the topic. Bots. VR. Self driving. Anything related to the future of technology and how it’s changing our lives as long as we have parity with women on stage and many new voices. It worked. We will have many great speakers on May 13th. I’m super proud and thankful our speakers helped so much on this, and that we will present a lineup that’s near 50/50 women and men. See the program athttp://paris.leade.rs

Our product is progressing fast and I’m hoping we can launch part of it in Paris on May 13th.

Oh, I added an option if you want to get emails from me more frequently than once a week you can now update your preferences and I might send some more only if you want to hear from me that much. You can always change back your preferences using the link at the bottom.

Don’t forget to be extraordinary, see you on Facebook live and thanks!

Entrepreneur, pilot, kite-surfer and paraglider. Subscribe to my new newsletter http://loiclemeur.substack.com

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