Facebook marketplace launches without comments

I just played with the new Markeplace in the Facebook app. It is featured in the iPhone mobile app as the center button where messenger used to be. That’s how important it is.

It looks as I was expecting, a much better looking Craigslist except it looks good and has real identities for sellers and buyers. That’s a huge deal to trust the other party. You can learn a lot from what someone shares in public on Facebook or Instagram before transacting. Much better than Craigslist already.

I was very surprised though that there are no comments allowed on each item as you can see below:

All you can do is make an offer, message seller, save or share. No comments allowed.

Comments are only possible if you share the item as a new post on your own feed:

I wonder why Facebook made that choice. It is probably to avoid negative comments on the items that would be a problem for the seller.

Interesting choice. I wonder if we will see comments on items ever. It will be very interesting to follow.

P.S. First post in Medium straight from my iPhone, it’s great!

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