Facebook launches an events app. Compete with Eventbrite soon?

I have been very impressed by how much Facebook ads and events drove attendance to our events recently.

Facebook just made it a separate mobile application. One more. In addition to the main Facebook mobile app I now have Facebook Pages manager, Messenger, Facebook Mentions, Facebook ads manager, Instagram and Facebook events. That’s 6 mobile apps just for Facebook on my iPhone!

Events gives you a timeline of what your friends are interested in or attending. You can also search and browse by categories.

There are many categories but I was surprised not to find anything related to “Learning” or “Conference”. I guess our events will have to go under “Networking”.

What strikes me the most is that payment doesn’t seem to be integrated yet. Facebook has payments in Messenger but doesn’t let event organizers directly sell tickets using their payment platform.

It could replace Eventbrite entirely.

It’s surprising they haven’t acquired it yet. They have everything to compete and a much better platform to promote events and make them viral.

I would be worried if I were Eventbrite. I guess payment integration and ticket sales are coming next.

Why wouldn’t Facebook want to add that additional revenue from commissions on ticket sales to their revenue?

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