email #10 — Invitation: First Event In Paris May 13

This is my newsletter #10 sent on march 24, 2016.

You can find previous ones here or register to my email list, I send an update every week or so (been more like every two weeks these days).

I can’t help it. I love organizing events. They’re too much fun.

We just decided to organize the first event in Paris on May 13.

It’s going to be international and small, just a few hundred people. I’m sending this to my newsletter subscribers first. You have priority and I really hope that many of you will join!

It’s going to be about leaders and the latest trends in technology. We will have speakers flying in from Silicon Valley, Asia and Europe:
-Ring’s founder, James Siminoff, who just raised $60m from Richard Branson and other investors
-Evernote’s founder, Phil Libin
-SoftTech VC’s founder, Jeff Clavier
-Science’s Partner, Peter Pham
-Facebook @work’s Head, Julien Codorniou
-Roxanne Varza, who is starting the largest incubator in the world
-Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, who is working on his next project

More amazing speakers will be announced soon.

Here’s a quick video and you can purchase a ticket here.

It might sell out soon and I have not announced it to the public yet. Get a ticket fast if you want to join at the special newsletter’s price.

We’re making great progress on the technology side. We will load a few speakers in the app and then add the community features. We will start “eating our own dog food” by curating speakers for Paris using our platform. Can’t wait.

Deadlines are good. They force our team to focus on delivering something on a specific day. No alternative. You just have to do it. No excuses. Now the team is going to deliver an event in Paris May 13 and use our own app for it.

I just decided to add a second deadline to our team:
James Currier and his team at NFX guild are the best in the World on market places and network effects. They started an incredible program for great startups in silicon valley and I decided to join the program with will join and benefit from an amazing community of alumni that all focus on networks and marketplaces. I will get many insights from other experienced CEOs.

So, on September 7th we will present to the best venture capitalists, business angels, and press in Silicon Valley.

Here’s to a good summer 😃 I already started canceling a lot of trips that weren’t related to our launch. We might soft launch a few things before that date but the plan is for the full app to be available that day.

I really hope you can join us on May 13th!

Greetings from Paris,

Entrepreneur, pilot, kite-surfer and paraglider. Subscribe to my new newsletter

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