hours of kite-surfing in Sherman Island this week-end on a 4 day fast!

Day five of a seven-day fast

Last week I asked if you could help me with more women and diversity in Leade.rs and I received 500 suggestions. Wow, thank you!

I should mention our entire team is only eight people and five are designing and coding, so things take some time, thanks for your patience. We will have >50% women and diversity in thanks to your help. We plan to launch in a few weeks with a few hundred initial “Leade.rs” and learn with them. We want to initially keep everything small and make it remarkable for a tiny group.

In November last year, I completed my first three days fast and a second 3 day fast this past August which felt easy.

I read about the benefits of a seven-day fast and decided to try that.

As reported by the New York Times, the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine says fasting can boost the immune system, prevent cancer and many infectious diseases. Yoshinori Ohsumi created a new field of research known as “autophagy”, a Greek term for “self-eating.”

I am writing this at the end of my water fast day 5. Two days to go.

I felt amazing the first four days. I maybe felt hungry the first two days only 3 or 4 times, and it never lasts more than a few minutes. I did not feel hungry at all day 3 and 4. I cooked for my children and sat with them at dinner just having water. I felt amazing every morning. Just no alcohol at all was good. I feel my body is in deep cleaning mode.

This past weekend (fasting day 3 and 4) I tried kite-surfing as I have read and felt that there was no effect on my muscle and exercise. I know it sounds a little crazy. I started hydro foiling in Sherman island not far from the shore in case I felt sick but everything went great. I did not get hungry and did not feel tired. I guess some of the energy I use for digesting food was available for kite-surfing! I worked on my foiling tacks and gybes and did a 3-hour session on fasting day three then two 2.5 hours sessions on Sunday.

I got a little colder and often added a layer, but it wasn’t that bad and also needed more sleep at night. I have worked with my team as normal enjoying the many hours spent having lunch or dinner as additional available time. I have lost about 4kg / 8 lbs in 5 days, but I wasn’t fasting for weight loss and expect to pick up a lot of that when I break the fast.

Today, day 5, was the toughest so far. I had some light headaches all day despite the massive amount of water I have been drinking. I felt slow thinking and somewhat irritable which I had to control. I did not have much brain bandwidth available. My pulse is higher than normal. It seems that other people had the same experience after fasting more than four days. It’s not so bad though I have just done some yoga tonight and the headache completely disappeared. I feel great again.

I took an appointment at Forward for a check-up on day 7. I am curious to do a blood analysis, cholesterol and electrolyte check and compare to the last one I did about a year ago.

Looking forward to eating again on Wednesday night, it should taste delicious.

Have a fabulous week!

Update: I succesfully completed my 7 day and feeling amazing and full of energy now!

Also for more info on the benefits of fasting watch this video


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Bonus: can anyone catch Nokia? — November 2007 (one month after the release of the first iPhone).

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