Completed my second 3-day fast and it went great

In November last year, I started my first three days fast as I was intrigued it can regenerate your immune system in only three days. Talked to my friend Phil Libin about fasting and Phil made it a regular habit and lost 80 lbs.

I did a few intermittent fasting (only eating dinner over 24 hours) since then but did not try another 72 hours so I thought I would give it a shot.

This time has been extremely easy. It’s been much easier than the first as if my body got used to it. I got really hungry only 4 or 5 times over 3 days and it did not last more than a few minutes each time.

I feel incredibly better and lighter. My mind is very clear and I feel great. I did not feel tired or “slow”, quite the opposite.

With no heavy food or alcohol at all, I feel relaxed and less stressed in the morning. I lost about 8 lbs in just 3 days but I know those are really easy to get back when you stop fasting so they don’t mean much.

I feel so great that I would keep going a few days honestly, but I have a hydrofoil race later tonight so I will eat again before. I don’t want to have an issue in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.

Not sure what to eat post 3-day fast and before intense sports sessions. I’m thinking a steak and greens.

I feel so light that I will try to keep avoiding carbs and alcohol and will definitely fast again soon.

I really like fasting as an exercise to control myself. I watched my son and his girlfriend at dinner while I was only drinking water. I went to a networking event yesterday watching everyone having tacos and drinking wine and beers while having a sparkling water. I sat at dinner yesterday with eight friends and resisted. Of course, I was tempted to let go and have some food with everyone or a glass of wine. The feeling of going through that need and resisting is similar to training your brain to not stop meditating when you are.

I feel I am training my brain to be strong and control my feelings and temptations. Fasting goes very well with meditation and makes meditation sessions much quieter, too.

Key learnings: my body seems to be getting used to it and it’s really easy now.

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