Call for Ambassadors and Volunteers and #leadersparis April 11–12

Want to come to Paris for free?

We would love to, as well :) Sadly flying speakers from all around the world and booking one of the best conference venues in the heart of Paris costs hundreds of thousands of euros. Add the team and suppliers to make it all happen and it gets crazy expensive. We kept the ticket price as affordable as we could for a quality event. 500 euros before tax for two days (get a ticket here), 300 euros for startups and 100 for students (apply here).

I loved and was very impressed by the volunteers program at Slush (they have 2,400 of them!).

We are starting our “#leadersparis Ambassador” program.

We will give free tickets to those of you who want to share their experience before, during and after the event. What do you expect? Who have you met at the event? What speakers did you like the most?

For the ambassador program, we ask

  1. you are 18–30 years old
  2. fill-in this form to apply
  3. post on your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) why you are excited to join #leadersparis and why you should become an ambassador. Post videos. Instagrams. Go crazy. Make sure to tag #leadersparis
  4. once approved, we ask that you post about the event before, during and a few days after the event. We suggest ten short posts or photos a day during the event, tagged #leadersparis, or at least one long form post (on medium or linkedin) which could be a session you loved or a recap of your day. Videos are also great on Facebook Live, YouTube or other platforms. You could do a recap of each day in a video.

We also just launched our call for Volunteers, we’re looking for help in:
-speaker support
-capture footage (photos, videos)
We ask for some help on 7, 8, 9 April and at least one full day during the event on April 11/12.

If you volunteer, we will give you a free pass. We want to prioritize young people so you need to be 18–30 years old to apply (sorry)!

Please apply for volunteer or ambassador using this form.

We will monitor the #leadersparis tag and do not hesitate to ping us @leaderscentral and @loic on Twitter.

update: posted a video about Ambassadors and Volunteers too

Thanks all for contributing to a fantastic event! Special thanks to the early volunteers, especially Elliot Passot and Anna Kopo who help coordinating the volunteers. Also Crème de la Crème who are helping find 20–30 amazing students.

Loic and the team.

Entrepreneur, pilot, kite-surfer and paraglider. Subscribe to my new newsletter

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