Greetings from a really quiet A380 CDG>SFO flight. You have to whisper to talk to your neighbor. There is something special about being in a plane for eleven hours. It’s like a meditation; it switches my brain to a different state.

I get ideas I would not have otherwise. I am more creative. I experience more intense feelings. Sometimes I get extremely energized about my business and feel I can change the world. I can have a non-stop flow of new ideas. It’s more rare but sometimes I am alone and I get so sad I just start crying for no specific reason. I have read about a book author that will buy a long distance flight just to be able to get good ideas and write. He will fly to Tokyo, land, and fly right back. It’s all about the flight, not the destination. 24 hours later he has a book pretty much done.

I literally get some distance from the world. I fly over it. I like planes with no wifi and if there is an internet connection I generally don’t use it to enjoy that distance. No emails. No posting on social networks. No input to my brain. It’s really similar to a short meditation retreat. I’m also taken care of. I’m not in charge of anything — the pilot is. I have no responsibility. The crew is even in charge of feeding me. There is nothing else I need to do than stay with myself. I’m forced to sit with myself.

There is romance to flying. How amazing is it that I travel through the world in a piece of metal. It’s a symbol of human art and mastery. I look through the window and I see the infinite sky, the clouds and the not so permanent anymore Greenland ice and snow scenery. Time has stopped entirely. I am going through time and timezone. The most magical is always that Tokyo flight where I come from the future with tomorrow’s newspapers when I land back in San Francisco.

The 380 front cabin definitely reminds me of The Starship Enterprise and teleportation. I’m going from one world to another. Different people and different cultures. California and Europe might seem similar sometimes but I always notice more differences than I thought in the way people think. When I flew to Africa it was literally teleportation. I visited the most terrible thing, a slum in Nairobi and the most amazing, a safari in the Masai Mara. When I’m flying I’m not where I was anymore but I’m not home either. I’m in limbo. It creates space to think. Something ended but the other thing hasn’t started yet. It gives me space to think and reflect on my life.

My first event in Paris just ended, Paris. I had intense stress to make it successful and I got really good feedback. I’m really happy about this and proud of my team. Thank you for buying tickets to make it possible as we had no sponsors and that was actually very liberating. I am now focusing on getting my website up.

We’re posting some of the event videos on my Facebook page, like my page to see them when we upload them.

Don’t forget to be extraordinary, like that huge A380 I am flying in. It’s my teleportation vessel today.

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