Back from the desert with 5,000 friends

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Greetings from San Francisco!

Difficult to explain my current level of excitement with 400+ participants and great new speakers coming for Paris next week. If you want to join us grab one of the last tickets now.

I’m back from the desert, an hour drive from Vegas for Further Future. It’s not a conference. Not a festival. It’s both at the same time in an incredible scenery. Add to this pop-up dinners with Chefs like Nobu, meditation and Yoga, even a spa treatments.

I’m proud that helped curate the content. It was the first powered Speaker Series and it was very special.

We prepared a video to give you a taste

It never rains in Vegas in April. Of course, it rained exactly when our awesome speakers took the stage! Everyone had to be creative. Maybe you noticed on the video that the stage was full of people. That is because I invited them to come on stage to avoid the rain. It ended up being very cool with a packed crowd around Eric Schmidt and all the other speakers. We turned a problem into an opportunity and I think everyone had a good time. But yeah, it was challenging. Fortunately the rest of the weekend the weather was perfect.

I want to thank all the great speakers and friends who took the challenge to join us.

My experimentation with Facebook live continues on my page every day at 11h30 PST. Today (Thursday as I write this) we will talk about “how we will live in 2030”. On Friday we will talk about “the best apps installed on our phones” and “morning notes” on Monday. Then the rest of the week might be a little wacky, as we’ll be preparing for our first event in Paris on Friday.

I cannot wait to see those of you who can make it and we will of course stream it live, too.

Don’t forget to be extraordinary.

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