The center of a French City (Saint Denis) is blocked with everyone hiding in their homes and all transportation closed, police helicopters over it and armed military and police forces trying to catch «Le Cerveau» (the brain) of the coordinated terrorist attacks on Paris last Friday. I have friends who lost friends and family on the tragedy. My heart is in Paris and I cannot stop thinking about it. I have mostly posted only about this since last Friday and I will keep thinking and posting and helping where I can.

Yet, life goes on. What those terrorists want is that we stop everything and pay attention, and we do. I will keep paying attention, being sad, helping when I can and feeling French.

I will also start posting again about things that catch my attention, are positive and even parties and stuff. The worst thing that we can do is to all stop being happy at times because those terrorists want that.

I am extremely sad for those who perished or got wounded or lost anyone in those terrible events.

Yet I will not stay quiet and only sad and make terrorists win. Let’s continue being alive and positive, too. I can be sad and happy at the same time. I can be caring about what’s happening in my country and any other on this planet where war and terrorism happens and still go forward and be positive.

Please forgive me if I post positive and happy thoughts without apologizing about them.

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