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Am I too old or too sick for Snapchat?

Do you use Snapchat? I don’t. I tried twice. My teenagers use it all day long.

Anything you post on Snapchat will self delete once you saw it or after 24 hours if it’s posted as a “story”. It’s easy to say that teenagers use it because they want to be able to post content that won’t stay online. Like them drunk in a party.

That’s one explanation on why we don’t use it. We don’t post anything drunk in a party. Or we don’t get drunk anymore.

If you look carefully though -as Justin Kan did- you will see something I had not seen until today. There is no public measure of your ego on Snapchat. No “54 likes” 13469 followers or “423 comments”. When your reader sees your post it doesn’t tell him or her the size of your ego.

It’s a huge difference with LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Those three keep reminding you how important the person you’re reading is or isn’t. How popular that specific post is or isn’t. The “number of likes” puts pressure on all of us to write better content and select what we’re posting while the Snapchat user doesn’t care that much since it doesn’t build his reputation.

The result is more personal posts at a higher frequency. There is no social pressure anymore. If it sucks it’s ok.

The other major difference is there is no mixed feed with all your friends or people you’re following. If you want to see the content of that specific user you have to click on his username and see what he posted. That’s a huge difference. In Snapchat you really have to care about who you are following and decide to go check their content. It’s more personal and much less about numbers.

I tried to use Snapchat twice and gave up after a few days each time.

Saying that I’m too old for Snapchat would be the easy explanation. The true explanation could be that I’m sick with all those ego-boosting number of likes/followers/reads/comments. If I don’t have that dopamin rush coming from seeing one more like or comment, I’m less interested.

That would be sad but it might be the real reason. I have to try again.

Do you use it?

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