I meditated in front of Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand and took this photo

Yesterday, I met the two partners behind the meditation app Calm.

Since my ten-day meditation retreat, I have been meditating nearly every day, so the topic was fascinating to me. I met Alex a few years ago and he offered me to invest. Another meditation app, Headspace, was very dominant.

I liked Alex but decided not to invest thinking they would have no space going after Headspace.

Just a few years after, Calm has millions of users and millions in revenue. It is profitable and growing like crazy. Most of the revenue is on the iPhone app.

Michael Acton Smith joined Alex Tew to build the app as he was struggling with sleep, concentration, and stress.

The learning here is that being first or dominant does not guarantee success. There is always room for a new innovative and quality player. Google wasn’t the first search engine, and Facebook wasn’t the first social network. I should not have thought this way and turn them down because there already was a huge player.

I use Calm every day. As a token of appreciation, I bought the paid app on my iPhone yesterday in front of Alex and Michael. It’s always fun to support a product you like. I have started to enjoy their “daily calm” guided meditations. I highly recommend Calm.

I try to religiously never let a day go without 10 to 20 minutes of meditation. I used to do one-hour meditation sessions now going longer than twenty minutes is a challenge. I feel like going to a retreat again.

How is your practice? Do you meditate? You can comment here or discuss in our Facebook Group.

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