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2017 Prediction: Most Sunglasses Brands Will Copy Spectacles

I love and hate my spectacles. Here is what I love.

It’s the fastest way to record a quick video of something cool happening.

I took them for a ride on my snowboard today. It’s much nicer than having to deal with a GoPro. Then download the video files. Then edit them. Screw that. Most people don’t do it. Too much effort.

This is one of the genius features of Snapchat — you edit the video as you record it. You decide which 10 seconds to record knowing it’s going to go in your Snapchat feed. That’s editing as you shoot. Not after you recorded.

They’re so easy to use you have nothing to do

Press the button on the top et voila. You’re recording. Add them to your iPhone bluetooth devices and it just syncs. Launch Snapchat and there is nothing to do to get the videos on Snapchat. It just starts syncing.

The spectacles do only one thing but they do it right. They’re awesome.

I also hate my Spectacles though and won’t likely use them much.

Here is what a video I recorded today with Spectacles looks like.

It’s a circle. If you post it anywhere else than Snapchat it looks bad and it’s annoying. It looks cool on Snapchat as you can turn your iPhone and see the whole circle as you circle your phone. It’s not a key feature though.

I would say it’s more a way for Snapchat to protect the content coming from the Spectacles and make sure it looks bad anywhere else.

Problem is when I post a Snap I get a few hundred views. When I post a story on Instagram I get thousands of views on each. Same on Facebook.

I get 10x more views on Instagram and Facebook compared to Snapchat. Maybe that will change but for now I will want to keep posting there.

Instagram has been so fast to copy Snapchat that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Instagram recording sunglasses coming very soon. In fact I’m expecting it.

Here is my prediction.

Spectacles are so cool that in 2017 we will see many brands such as Oakley or Ray-Ban launch their own video recording connected sunglasses. They will use the the Facebook and Instagram APIs and get a broader adoption than Spectacles.

Or maybe I’m just too old and the world will switch to Snapchat. Time will tell.

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