#12 — Don’t Tell My Team I Told You This, But I’m Changing Things.

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(I guess I could have mailchimp do this, but I really don’t care that much about email marketing, I am just writing to you as if I was writing a regular email. The only difference is some emails getting to spam folders).

So. I am obsessed about making my new startup Leade.rs different. Special. Amazing. Creative. World changing. Am I full of myself? you can think that it’s okay, if you don’t shoot for the moon you can’t get interesting results.

I don’t want to do another boring website, or app with another tech event series. I really don’t. Otherwise, I should just go kite-surfing. I want to help amazing people impact the world.

So let’s recap where I am for a second. I have a cool idea and I’m working day and night on it with a small team.

I want to make an app and a website that helps amazing people doing incredible things impact the world. Yes, just that.

How do I do that? Well, I know a few hundred amazing people doing incredible things so 1) I’m building a collection of them. Someone else than me will find them interesting.

You can book them to speak (I’m starting with that), spend an hour with them on the phone, have a meeting, lunch or dinner. They could also have them try their product because of their influence. They could also interview them because they might be changing the world in their field. So many reasons why someone could be interested in amazing (new) people.

Then there are events. Leade.rs events. The first one is in Paris on May 13 (http://paris.leade.rs).

It could be another conference. Kinda boring, I agree. Yeah, it’s people doing cool shit, mostly in Silicon Valley but some of them were really hot 10 years ago so why should I care? Sure, Leade.rs Paris has new cool entrepreneurs speaking, such as Erik Torenberg of Product Hunt or Robin Chan of Operator who are killing it. But it’s another tech conference.

So, what will make the first Leade.rs event in Paris special and unique. What will make it memorable? Most of our speakers can talk about the future. So I spent my Sunday trying to put together a good program knowing who agreed to speak. I got it. It’s really going to be interesting. It’s about the future. Future of music, AI, eCommerce, 360 and VR, future of China and future of technology in Silicon Valley. I could just announce this and it would be cool. I briefed my team today to announce this. Yes, on a Sunday and they’re all on-board to make the changes. Thanks, team, you’re amazing.

I had dinner with Phil Libin though. A really good dinner. We had incredible steak and Margaux wine (Margaux de Chateau Margaux, not too expensive and really good sadly only available in restaurants). I challenged Phil, who is one of my best friends. How do I make Paris special? Unique? The start of something incredible and not just another tech event? How do I make Leade.rs the app unique?

Honestly, no-one has the answer and we will figure it out. Phil threw amazing ideas as always. Phil is one of the most creative people (and generous) I have ever met.

So, I change my plans. I was planning to publish the event schedule tomorrow and I won’t.

Instead, I think we have a unique new content idea.

Each speaker at the first paris.leade.rs event will have 5 minutes to express an idea that she or he thinks can change the world. Then that speaker will nominate someone that she or he thinks is the best to impact the world on that topic and either talk about that person or invite her/him to the event. We would prefer women honestly as we have too many men already. That person will then speak for 5 minutes on how she/he is impacting the world on that topic. Then there is a 10 minutes conversation between the two and/or the room and people watching live.

Now this is new and unique. Each established Leader will nominate someone amazing to talk about one topic. Drones. 360. Biotech. AI. Anything. This scales. Anyone can do this. 5/5/10 is the new Leade.rs format. In 5 min an established Leader introduces someone new. That new person talks for 5 mins then we have a conversation for 10 min.

This might be a bad idea, but I’m going to change plans based on that idea. I am not publishing the schedule of Leade.rs Paris. Instead, I will call every single speaker and challenge them to find a theme and someone new to nominate and invite. If whomever they invited can’t make it, they can talk about them and what they do for 5 minutes. It’s in 4 weeks after all, we will do better next time and it doesn’t matter.

I think this is cool and Phil Libin too. What do you think?

Oh and if you did not buy your ticket to http://paris.leade.rs May 13 don’t be surprised if it sells out, it might, we will regret you missed it. There are very few tickets left.

Have a great week, don’t forget to be extraordinary.


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