#11 — Here Is A Startup Idea For You (As A Gift)

Omni app

This is my newsletter #11 sent on April 4, 2016. Thanks to this email I got to meet the amazing team behind Omni (use the code “Loic” if you want to try you will get some credits) and invested in it. So excited.

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I’m now doing a Facebook Live video on my page every day. You can watch the live videos every day at 11h30 AM PST (that’s 20h30 CET/Paris time) we now have a dedicated Facebook group where we decide the next topics. If you read this in time on April 5 we will talk about the fear of failure and on April 6 I will have Phil Libin, Evernote Founder and Managing Director at General Catalyst.

Now here is the startup idea.

On Sunday I was doing my morning notes and suddenly got a business idea so I immediately went live and shared the idea with everyone.

There is a huge trend that to be happier you should own less things. Here is the guy who only owns 111 things. This isn’t new, Graham Hill in the NY Times in 2013 was already explaining why he was “Living With Less. A Lot Less”.

I really feel this way too. So here is the app I need, it’s very simple.

You take a photo of pretty much everything you own. Those books. That old iPad. That bag of ski gear you won’t use until next year.

It will already be liberating to store everything you have into one app. It’s like your todo list. Your brain feels really lighter if you keep a to-do list as you know it’s stored there. Same with your stuff, less to worry about if it’s all somewhere.

On every single item then there are possible actions.

You can decide to sell that old iPad, and a service helps you assess how much it’s worth and comes to your place to take it and gives you a check.

You can decide to store that huge bag of ski gear you won’t need until next year. A storage company comes and picks it up within two hours then you know it’s in storage and can get it back when you need it.

Lend or rent.
If you don’t need it someone else could use it. Like I let many of my friends use my place for free. I would rent my car too, I need to try one of those services.

I have furniture and stuff that need repair or upgrades. It could all be seamlessly taken care of.

That old iMac. You’re not sure if it’s worth much. Just donate. The app will give you options. Near you too, that school that would love it.

Insure. Replace. Upgrade. Many other actions I can think of.

Now here is what’s cool, it can go viral. I would love to go see what some of my friends own and comment on it. I’m sure publishing a list of things you own would be interesting. Brands could pitch you to upgrade or replace. It could also have some gaming dynamics to see how many things each of your friends own compared to you. What are you going to do to own fewer things and feel happier?

If you want to build it, go for it. I have no time to work on this as I’m building Leade.rs but I would love to invest and use it. In the Facebook group friends are trying to find a name for it. Maybe someone makes it a real service.

Keep being fantastic.


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