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Ryan Hoover, co-founder of Product Hunt

10 Lessons from Product Hunt’s Success

I’m really addicted to discovering new products daily on Product Hunt, and I’m not the only one. Try it if you don’t know the site and the mobile app. The community is very active, suggests many products and the best ones get voted up to the top.

Product Hunt’s success is obvious and many app developers report great download volume increase when they get featured. What’s really amazing is the community that the site has managed to gather. People fight to be the first one to discover a new product. They get the credit and the visibility that results from that and Product Hunt does a great job at featuring everyone that contributed.

Getting an active community that contributes constantly to any website is extremely difficult. Imagine the team that would be required if employees were hired to find those products instead of the enthusiast contributors. It would cost a fortune.

The community was there even before Product Hunt was started, it started just as a daily mailing list where a small number of people were sharing new products. They have in common the passion (or the need, if you’re an investor and want to follow what’s new) to find those new products. They want to talk about them. They’re really interested in what’s new.

Ryan shared very early what he was doing and with everyone. He shared who were the first users and that attracted new ones. It was an Open Startup. They got their first 2,000 users by doing things that do not scale.

Here are the lessons I see from their success:

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