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Since this is a new newsletter and a new podcast I thought I should introduce myself briefly.

I live in San Francisco, California since 2007. I learned from the incredible technology entrepreneurs at the heart of Silicon Valley and also spent time on my two passions, kite-surfing and paragliding which are both easy to practice 20 minutes away from my home.

I was born on July 14, 1972 (yep Cancer) in the South of France, a small city called Perpignan an hour and a half drive from Barcelona in Spain, on the Mediterranean coast.

Continued on my new newsletter, with a podcast:

La France me manque!

« Qui serait, selon vous, la pire tête à claque du milieu de la tech?

D.G. : On a un peu nos têtes de Turc. Il y a Loïc Le Meur, un vieux de la vieille, il a fondé Le Web, il a participé à la campagne de Sarkozy…

L.B. : Tête à claques, je ne sais pas, mais caricature oui. Un Français qui vit dans la Silicon Valley, qui parle en franglais, qui fait du kitesurf, qui médite, qui a quitté les réseaux sociaux et s’est mis en scène sur les réseaux sociaux en train de quitter les réseaux sociaux –la totale.”

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Dreams and sleep have always fascinated me.

When we dream, we are in another world. We do not really understand how consciousness comes to a baby and we do not really understand where we go when we dream. Measuring sleep is a good first step. I am currently testing Dreem; a headband that does just that.

The founder of Dreem, Hugo Mercier, released a new version of his application this week. It’s like a sleeping coach; analyzing your sleep by measuring your brainwaves and using AI to improve your sleep. This new version adds recording naps and meditation programs. …


Loic Le Meur

Entrepreneur, pilot, kite-surfer and paraglider. Subscribe to my new newsletter

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